Professor Speaking

Faculty Working Groups

In order to address areas of interest based on information gathered during the Campus Conversation process, six Faculty Working Groups were organized, and are chaired by a member of the faculty. These groups are charged with identifying near-term opportunities, policy recommendations, and engaging stakeholders within their departments and colleges across campus.

Principles of Degrees of Study

This committee is charged with identifying the essential learning elements of a high quality degree of study, and how the campus can better facilitate student progress during their academic careers.


How do we improve the evaluation process for high quality teaching? Improving our methods to ensure the integrity of the teaching and learning process, and identifying rewards for teachers dedicated to the advancement of knowledge are the committee's goals.

Faculty Professional Development

The professional development of our faculty is critical, particularly for new faculty, as well as faculty at transition points in their careers. This group is collaborating across campus to advance these efforts.

Public Communications

Showcasing the integration of our teaching with research plays a larger role than ever, and it is our responsibility to effectively communicate that value to society. Improving our outreach efforts is the focus.


How we make student discovery and research play a more central role in our curriculum is the focus of this team. They are reaching out to their colleagues to identify what can be done to support the university’s mission.

Teaching Discovery Innovation Center

Focused on the creation of a faculty-led innovation center, this committee is engaging leaders and stakeholders across campus and externally to accelerate UT Austin’s advancement in this area.